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I Resolve to … Simplify!

December 28, 2015 • By

Simplify for FB etc

Here we are again, at the kick off point for a new year … 2016. And although everyday is a chance to begin anew, it’s the proverbial “New Year” that beckons us to commit to a particular goal or goals. The idea of making resolutions can actually be uplifting. We are going to erase all the “should’ve, could’ve, and would’ves” from yesterday and start all over. 2016 is a blank slate.

Well, this year my goal is simple, I want to simplify my life. But from what I’ve read, it’s pretty difficult to do and most people give up after a couple of months. The first step (in this age of the internet) I’ve already taken. I googled “How to simplify your life.” Here’s what I found: articles for, hold on, the 4 ways, the 5 ways, the 6 ways, the 7 ways, the 10 ways, the 16 ways, the 17 ways and the 72 ways (!!) to simplify one’s daily life. OMG! Stressing already. Okay. Inhale deeply to count of four, hold breath for count of seven and exhale for eight.

The truth is, all of the articles include some good ideas, and my favorite three are included below, but since I’m a visual learner, my best tips came from one of my favorite social media sites: Pinterest. Just type “simplify” into the search box and voilà! A veritable gold mine of ideas pop-up that should help anyone to simplify your life, simplify your surroundings and even simplify and ease your mind.

Finally, as a lover of everything fashion, I have resolved first and foremost to CLEAN OUT MY CLOSET ! And furthermore, for every new item of clothing I acquire, I pledge to give away an old item … painful as it may be. I’m even going to print this sign and hang it on my mirror to remind me of my promise:

HAPPY  NEW  YEAR to all – and may all your resolutions come true!